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Media Productions

Video, Audio & Animation

Video storytelling is one of the most powerful way to connect emotionally with your target audience. It engages, it inspires and, most importantly, it sticks.

At Trait Media, we have the creative expertise, technical know-how and equipment to create compelling video that resonates with audiences, makes your brand memorable and triggers a response. Whether on location or in our digital editing studio, we will deliver on your project from

concept to completion.


At Trait Media, we use our cameras as tools to do more than just record a simple moment in time. We look for small details that show the bigger picture. There’s a difference between photography and storytelling. We choose storytelling.

Our best photography comes from considering every angle; That means being prepared, paying attention to the little things and looking past the obvious for fresh perspectives.

Our team is based in Lagos, Nigeria but we take our cameras anywhere.